We are a group of non-profit organizations representing a spectrum of food: farmers, ranchers, fisheries, food workers, small business, and eaters. We are non-partisan and as such do not endorse any candidates. But we believe anyone holding public office should have a vision for what an equitable, healthy, and good food system can look like. 

The growing partners in this project currently include:

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH

New Hampshire Community Seafood

The NH Food Alliance

The Agrarian Trust

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

The Northeast Organic Farming Association Interstate Council

Food Solutions New England / UNH Sustainabilty Institute

Farm to Institution New England

American Sustainable Business Council

The National Family Farm Coalition

The Climate Justice Alliance

The Indigenous Environmental Network

Health Care Without Harm

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

Food for Maine’s Future

To our sponsors - thank you!

Food solutions forum 

We all have to eat. But there is much more to that burger, lobster, bowl of cereal, gallon of milk, or head of lettuce than meets the eye. What we eat, how we eat, how much we eat, and even where we eat has major social, economic, ecological, and health impacts. Climate change, minimum wage, immigration, water rights, land use, indigenous peoples’ sovereignty, chemical production, small business viability, community infrastructure and even more are all wrapped up in the food that ends up on our plates.


Whether you are an eater or you catch, grow, raise, process, deliver, and/or serve the food we eat, food is your business. 

Neither the National Family Farm Coalition nor any of its partners expresses any preference for or against any of the candidates displayed on this site.  The National Family Farm Coalition does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.


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Email: inquiries@foodsolutionsforum.com


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